2021 Reunion

26-28th February 2021

We conducted our first reunion!
Thanks to the reunion committee, the broader support group and all participants who made this possible. It was a truly outstanding effort and sets a high bar for all future events that the Association may hold in time to come. We have had numerous members provide feedback on the professionalism of the event, the catering and of course the great company that was present.

In all, about 230 members and partners attended the reunion. This included old soldiers, associates of the unit, serving members and dignitaries. We were pleased to host the RSM of 5/7 together with several past Commanding Officers of 5WWCT. We even had a recent Governor General of New Zealand/former Adjutant of the unit with us on the Night. We are sure that all would agree however, that the most important people participating were the members of the Association.

Sadly, a large contingent of overseas members were not able to attend due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and border restrictions. Their attendance would have greatly increased numbers participating and we look forward to welcoming them and more to our next Reunion.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without support from 5/7 and the wider Defence Force. This includes the use of the facilities at Maria Place in Wanganui, tentage and of course the Garrison Club who provided the Bar for the event. Catering by the Cook Island Community was top notch and was enjoyed by all in attendance. The 5WWCT Pipe Band provided entertainment and some nostalgia on the night. We would really like to thank the Band for coming along at such an important element of the WWCT Regiment, at short notice. We look forward to maintaining all of these relationships as the Association continues to grow and flourish.